What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, relaxation and energy healing system that was founded in the1800's by Japanese scholar, Mikao Usui. Details of Usui's history vary by account, but in general he is known to be a minister with knowledge of both eastern and western healing traditions. Reiki is not a religion, nor does it "belong" to any religious group. For a more detailed account of the history of Reiki and related information, visit here.

Certified Reiki practitioners must have more than the knowledge of  the ancient techniques of energy healing. We have also been attuned to the Universal Life Force by our Reiki master/teacher.  This healing energy was first received during a vision by Usui, and has been passed from teacher/master to student since then.

Reiki is a nurturing force that communicates love and well-being to the body and soul. Reiki practitioners send the energy to a receiver by hands-on healing (Reiki I), or by remote distance techniques (Reiki II).                             
What Is Lightwork?

Lightwork is a phrase to describe any service of universal love and light.  It is a term used often by people who consider this service their primary life calling, and who have special skills involving spirituality, energy, counseling, healing or teaching. 

Other Energy Therapies

Reiki is only one system of energy healing. Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch are the names of two systems being taught and used by many nursing and medical staff in hospitals and clinics. Hands-on Healing and Faith Healing are other names for energy healing.  Similar techniques have used and shared for hundreds of years by those who practice energy healing.

Three tools seem to be common for all energy healing systems. These three things cannot be standardized, measured, or justified in any known, clinical sense  but they are incredibly potent.  The three tools are: 

Imagination, or the ability to visualize or sense the natural healing potential of the person being healed.

Faith in the universal energy field, which to some people is what God really is, and which to energy healers is the "stuff" that does the healing, and makes up our auras.

Caring and unconditional love for the animal or person being healed.

Advanced Energy Techniques

Some energy techniques are more involved, and involve manipulation of energy lines or reflexes within the body. They require an understanding of these land marks, rather than a simple laying-on of hands. Some of these advanced energy tools are:

Taoist Meditational Healing
Acupressure and acupuncture
Examples of Everyday Energy Healing

Everyone is an energy healer, in the sense that whatever we think, say and do influences the energies of those around us. Following are illustrations of energy healing at its most basic, natural level:

·A child falls down while running and hits her leg on a rock. She curls up in a ball and "holds" her leg for a minute, rocking her body, while thinking of getting up and playing again. After a few minutes, the "loudness" of her pain goes away, and she rejoins her friends. 

·A woman is sick with the flu. Her husband spends the evening making comforting sounds and staying near her, putting an extra blanket over her.  He does not disturb her rest, but remains close in case she needs anything. He is ready to make soup or bring cough syrup if she asks. While sitting and reading, he imagines how good it will be when his wife will feel better. 
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